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what if in the last episode of pokémon the camera spins around and the narrator/cameraman is Ash’s dad and it turns out he’s not an absent father he’s an extremely over involved father and has been just following him and his friends around recording their adventure for years 

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Reader beware, you’re in for a rant

Sorry, just need to get this off my chest. My joints have been the same as usual, with a couple of good days where I was able to walk when I needed to, so not sure if the etanercept has kicked in yet.

I’m getting really frustrated and depressed because on the bad days, I’m aching so much I’m crying, or I’m unable to walk properly. Yesterday I helped my mum with stuff out in the field and today my knees feel painful and swollen and wrong, like I’m being held up by jelly and not person. I’m so useless at so many things, my mood is particularly fragile for no apparent reason and I’m fucking terrified of graduating now.

My body has me trapped; it sounds stupid, but even the way I move doesn’t work anymore, I used to cross my legs and move more quickly but that’s not how my body actually moves. Plus anything can make me cry or get overly worried, I’m constantly paranoid that people don’t like me or think I’m unfriendly, so I hide in bed a ton of the time.

One of my best friends sent me a letter saying why I shouldn’t feel this way, and others are helping me too, and I can never thank them enough for being there for me. This letter, seriously guys. I just want to feel like I’m not emotionally volatile and unable to do things most adults can do. And I’m not even sure which I would choose if I had to, better mental or physical health.

Now the TV has been paused on that Two and a Half Men trailer for quite long enough, so I’ll end on my usual vague note. I’m not feeling great about myself or my capabilities right now, but I have hope for now. And there’s a dog here. Take care, y’all. (:

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